Andy Rusterholz

I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with over seven years of work experience.

I've worked on web apps at all scales, from enterprise apps for multinational corporations, to small internal business apps for startups.

I have experience at many layers, from client-side script to physical infrastructure, equally comfortable debugging a failing background job and replacing a failing RAID card.


  • Proficient with: AJAX, AWS, Apache, Bash, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, CSS, EC2, Git, HAML, HTML, jQuery, Javascript, JSON, LAMP, Linux, MySQL, OS X, PaaS, PHP 5, PostgreSQL, Puma, Redis, RSpec, Rails 3 & 4, Ruby 1.9 & 2, Sidekiq, SQL, S3, SSH, SSL, WebSockets
  • Functional with: Agile methodology, Backbone, BDD, Chef, Cucumber, DevOps, DHCP, DNS, Fuel CMS, Java, SOLR, TDD, Windows, XML, Zend
  • Used previously: BIND, C, C++, Confluence, Eclipse, Hibernate, iBatis, JSP, JUnit, Oracle, Nagios, Rational, Spring Framework & Spring Batch, Subversion, Waterfall methodology

Work Experience

  • Senior DeveloperJune 2014 - Present
    Web DeveloperOctober 2011 - June 2014
    Brain Hurricane, LLC, Chicago, IL
    • Responsible for a new version of a business-critical internal web application, using Ruby on Rails 3.2, jQuery, and PostgreSQL 9, deployed on Engine Yard PaaS. Performed all design and development. Wrote behavioral tests using Cucumber and unit tests using RSpec. Oversaw migration to new version, wrote documentation, and trained end-users on new functionality.
    • Responsible for all development and support of the legacy version of the above application, built on PHP 5, Javascript, and MySQL, deployed on Amazon AWS EC2. Added new features while maintaining legacy functionality. Refactored application architecture to improve stability and responsiveness. Developed a financial tracking feature, helping save the company over $750K in lost revenue. Helped improve business processes to reduce the rate of payroll errors by a factor of 10.
    • Maintenance and development of a large (1000’s of users) customer-facing web application for partner company Wowzers, LLC, using Ruby on Rails 3.2, jQuery, and PostgreSQL 9, deployed on Engine Yard PaaS. Worked on a small agile-style team responsible for all feature development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Refactored legacy code to improve user interface based on data from MixPanel analytics.
    • Performed basic maintenance and server administration for static company website using Ubuntu Linux, Apache, and Fuel CMS, deployed on Amazon AWS EC2. Primary person responsible for company’s domain registrations, DNS records, and SSL certificates.
  • GeniusOctober 2009 - October 2011
    Apple, Inc., Northbrook, IL
    • Triaged and performed troubleshooting on computers, phones, and consumer electronics. Repaired laptop and desktop computers and cellular phones. Made decisions regarding warranty coverage and exceptions. Educated customers and other employees on software and hardware use.
  • ContractorMarch - May 2009
    TekSystems, Schaumburg, IL
    • Maintained a large (1000’s of users) custom web application for Astellas Pharma US, Inc., using PHP 4, JavaScript, and Oracle 11. Analyzed application to identify and resolve sources of performance issues. Assisted other developers with integration of jQuery framework into existing codebase. Assisted database administrators with debugging of SQL queries. Wrote test scripts and technical documentation.
  • AnalystJanuary 2007 - January 2009
    Accenture, Chicago, IL
    • (2008) Planning and design for a very large (10000’s of users) custom enterprise web application for JPMorgan Chase & Co. Developed proof-of-concept application using Java EE 5, Spring Framework, and Hibernate to prototype integration of component technologies. Evaluated and selected testing frameworks for development team. Assisted with presenting architectural design for client review.
    • (2008) Development of a redesigned international customer-facing web application for Hilton Hotels Corporation, using Java EE 5, JSP, and iBatis. Member of the team responsible for developing all user interface functionality, including view and controller logic and client-side scripting.
    • (2007-2008) Development of a large (1000’s of users) custom web application for the Illinois Department of Employment Security, using Java EE 5, JSP, IBM RAD, Spring Framework, and iBatis. Member of the team responsible for developing all business services and batch processing logic.
    • (2007) Assisted with a very large enterprise SAP installation and customization project for PepsiCo, Inc. Compiled and analyzed data on the progress of the testing phase of the project. Built an automated tracking solution with Excel spreadsheets to streamline feedback and communication between testing teams and client.

Volunteer Experience

  • Junior Systems Administrator / ProgrammerMay 2007 - May 2011
    Anime Central (MAPS), Rosemont, IL
    • Shared responsibility for configuration, deployment and operation of on-site network and Linux server cluster, handling all ticketing and payment processing for an annual event attracting 23,000+ people. Redesigned network infrastructure to improve stability, redundancy, and fault tolerance.
    • Designed, developed, deployed, and maintained a large (1000s of users) customer-facing web application for online registration and ticket purchasing, using PHP 5, Zend Framework, Javascript, and MySQL.
    • Designed, developed, deployed, and maintained a midsize (100s of users) internal web application to streamline operational management of event security, using PHP 5, Javascript, and MySQL. Redesigned user interface and refactored code to improve usability, stability, and responsiveness.
    • Administered and maintained a small Linux / Apache server installation hosting the event website with 80,000+ hits daily. Assisted with migration from colocation facility to virtual hosting.


University of Wisconsin - Madison, B.S., Computer EngineeringDecember 2006


You can download my resume in PDF format here.

To contact me about a job opportunity, please email me at:


Some of my favorite gems include:

  • ancestry
  • attribute_normalizer
  • better_errors
  • cancan / cancancan
  • carrierwave
  • chronic
  • clockwork
  • default_value_for
  • devise
  • factory_girl_rails
  • faker
  • fog
  • foreman
  • geocoder
  • hirb
  • kaminari
  • letter_opener
  • paloma
  • paper_trail
  • sidekiq-status
  • state_machine
  • timecop
  • xray-rails